Sunday 20 January 2013

MUA Fur Effect Nails

Furry nails. Sounds weird right? Well thats exactly what I thought when I first heard of them, but after seeing them on various blogs I just knew I needed to try them out!

Problem was, I'm not really allowed to shop online because I'm too young so getting hold of some flocking powder was near on impossible! Thankfully MUA are pretty good at catching onto nail art trends and they definitely caught onto the velvet nails one!
A few weeks ago, i think, MUA released this:
It is a littleish pot of flocking powder and comes in five different colours. I got four of them, and the one I am showing you is Fluffy Bobbin. Weird name I think but oh well. For only £2 you get quite a bit of product!
So, when you open it you see what is shown in the photo above, but with a sticky cover on top of the sifter. After taking this off, you're supposed to be able to tip some product out. However, this doesn't happen. I realized this was because the holes were blocked. To resolve this problem I just stuck a pin into the holes and hey presto I had access to the powder!
There are instructions at the bottom of the pot and well, there's not much I can say... They're pretty simple and tell you what to do.
As you can see, the powder is a very dark blue, verging on purple. However, in the photos it looks a bit lighter which isn't really the case in real life. Application was really easy. All you need to do if paint your nails in a similar colour and while it is still wet, roll your nail around in the powder. I waited a few seconds and then patted it down a bit to 'secure' it. This probably isn't necessary but oh well... After minute or so, lightly brush away the excess powder on you skin and blow! Tah dah! Furry Nails!
Your probably wondering how long this lasts, I know I was. Well the photo below is what my nails looked like after I had washed my hand 3 seperate times! Hardly and difference! The really cool thing is that the 'fur' dries in a matter of seconds, so no soggy nails!
I love these! They look so unusual and cool and actually look pretty good too! I will using this a lot more, i can tell.

What do you think about furry nails? Would, or have you, tried them?


  1. Looks like the powder's got really good coverage! MUA are good at keeping up with the nail trends aren't they? I picked up some microbeads of theirs a little while ago :)

    1. Yeah it really is good quality for the price!

  2. Great photos and review hun!


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