Tuesday 30 October 2012

Color Club Sparkle and Soar

Quick post today, a polish I have already shown you as part of my Halloween nails.

This is Color Club Sparkle and Soar.
It is a warm tangerine jelly with gold glass flecks.
Say hello to my right hand! It's making its debut, and probably rare, appearance. <-- Only cos I had nail art on my left hand which you can see here.
It is sooo bold and bright! You could say it was neon but I think it's much nicer than the regular neon oranges out there.
This is 3 coats but it is still not totally opaque. I chose to leave it there simply because I was going to cover it with a shatter polish and this is where it evened itself out. If you wanted it totally opaque you could layer it over a creme orange base.
After 3 coats it begins looking like a foil! Sooo sparkly! The gold flecks are so densely packed that they begin to make a duochromey layer of their own (if that makes sense...?).

Ah, I love Color Club! Unfortunately they're not sold in the UK so the only place I know of to but them is TKMaxx, but I love TKMaxx so thats totally fine with me! 

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