Sunday 14 October 2012

Fearne Ruby Cotton - Swatch and Review

So according to the shops, Christmas is officially here!

Everywhere you look, there are Christmas displays out, Christmas music playing or Christmas 'special' offers. Oh well, I'm not complaining because it means that there are some awesome items out that are only sold at Christmas times and the offers are actually quite good! An example of this awesomeness is the Models Own polishes I got from Boots last week.

Anyway, on to the polish I'm wearing today. Today is one of my Best Friend's birthday and so yesterday we went out to celebrate. We were going to watch Sinister but the lady at the till in Vue wouldn't let us in because we didn't have ID on us even though we were ALL old enough to go in! My nails were supposed to be related to the film though so here goes...

This is Fearne - Ruby Cotton. It's designed by Fearne Cotton.
It's a ruby red jelly polish with red and gold glass fleck shimmer shot through it.
It is GORGEOUS! Perfect for Christmas I'd say!
It's pretty sheer due to the fact that its a jelly but it becomes opaque in 3 coats. That said, you can still see your nail line if you hold you had up to the light... But no-one does normally that do they?
The great thing about this is that the shimmer shows up on the nail! I've go so many polishes where it looks lovely in the bottle but they it disappears on the nail. :(
Have you picked up any great Christmas products yet?

And Happy Birthday Faika! x

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