Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Color Club Angel Kiss

Oh My God!

These Color Club Halo Hues are so insanely holographic!
I just could not wait to get these onto my nails! Problem is, after destroying my thumb nail (which I told you about here) I can't really paint my nails... So, what to do?

Get my mum to do it! Haha. And because I've had to be in hospital today instead of school, I could wear it all day!

So, this is Color Club Angel Kiss from the Halo Hues collection.
t is a pale blue toned teal with a bucket load of holo! Application was dreamy, it applied smoothly and leveled itself out with no patchy areas. No special basecoat was needed and even though my nails are super smooth, the holo was unaffected! :D
At one coat it is basically opaque and to be honest you only need a second coat if you have ocd's about only wearing one coat... Like I do :/

And despite the gloomy British weather, the holo was so STRONG!

This picture is of my nails at 6.30am:
 And this one at 8.30pm:
And this is what the holo looked like in a photo I took on my phone:
I just could not stop staring at my nails! Perfect distraction for when your waiting in a hospital waiting room, haha.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Professional Beauty London 2013!

Yes I went to Professional Beauty this year!!! It was my first year going and believe me it was faaaar better than my expectations!

(For those of you who don't know what Professional Beauty is, it's basically a huge show where major beauty brands exhibit their products with awesome 'show-only' discounts. They say: "It is THE event where the new wave of trends are announced, and where you’ll see the top names in the beauty industry launching new products and offering substantial ‘show only’ incentives.")

I arrived at 9:45 yesterday morning and oh my the que was long! But as soon as they opened the shutters at 10am it moved very quickly and I was in by 10:10. I went straight to the middle section (aka the nails part) and I was so overwhelmed! After I regained my composure I headed straight for the Color Club stall, bought some Halo Hues (which is basically the reason i wanted to go, haha) then went for a browse...

Essie: Didn't buy any but there were some I was considering...
O.P.I: Okay, this was crazy busy! The second pic shows a small glimpse of how packed it was..
Jessica: People getting their nails done..
China Glaze: I'm quite surprised I didn't get anything from here, but after seeing the Hologlams in real life.. I don't know, I was a bit disapointed I guess..
Nubar: Only bought some because they were 3 for £11 and I'd never tried the brand before.. How could I refuse? Haha...
A stall with O.P.I for only £3 and £4!!
 Color Club: As soon as I saw the stand I made a beeline for the Halo Hues! Ahh, I'm in love...
LA Colours: Never used them before but they were 10 for £10...
 Cuccio: Never heard of them and only saw this after I ran out of money....
 Mollon: Again, never heard of the brand and only saw this after I ran out of money...
 Jacava: I could never justify spending £14+ on a creme polish...
 Bit surprised to see sunbeds...
 Random half-naked tanned guy...
 Floor plan...

And obviously me being me, I can't browse without buying! So this is what I got:

Color Club Halo Hues. OMG these are SO holographic!!! I regret not buying them all now! :'(
O.P.I Designer Series. How I managed to squeeze myself into that crowd I still wonder! But yaaaay I finally own some O.P.I DS Polish!
Nubar polishes. My first ones :)
Clearance O.P.I.

Free polish. The guy asked me what I do and I said I was a blogger. He immediately started being extra sweet and 'selling' the brand. Then he gave me this! Aww :)
Free Berber Oil. Came in the canvas bag.

A quick swatch of all the polishes:

Ahhh I looooooved it! Even though I blew nearly £70! :0

It was like heaven on earth! Haha.

If I can go next year, believe me I will!

Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday (for yesterday) Mum! <3

Saturday, 23 February 2013

31 Days of Nail Art Challenge - Day 17 - Glitter

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I stayed over at my aunts house during the week and had a major nail-catastrophe when i was taking my little cousin out of her car-seat. Basically my thumb nail bent backwards and just ripped off! It was painful. It was gory. It was devastating. But its healing, which is good. Although, because of it I cant even really hold a pen, let alone paint my nails, so I won't be posting anything new for a while (old swatches/beauty/stuff like that instead)... I won't disappear though, I promise!


I LOVE glitter.

But, I hate the removal process that comes with glitter polish so I don't wear it as much as I would like to. (And because of my nail disaster, this isn't what i was planning, but had it in my 'to-post' folder so had to use it instead.)
 This is a Color Club Glitter Rainbow Gradient.
I love how, when i look at my hand from one side, I see these four colours! Haha, simple things please me :P

And these are the polishes I used (I don't know any of the name because none of them have labels) :

Sunday, 17 February 2013

L'Oréal Color Riche Nail Top Coat Confetti

Finally!!! A black and white glitter polish on the UK highstreet!!! Whoo!
Haha, can you tell I'm excited?

After seeing black and white glitter toppers from so many indie makers, I fell in love with them! BUT there were none out there in real shops! :'( So after lusting after them for what seemed like forever I was starting to lose hope until, by complete chance one of my friends pointed out the L'Oréal display when we were out shopping, and what do I see..? A black and white glitter! I snapped it up as soon as possible and now that I own it, I can safely say I'm glad I bought it! :D

So what is it?
Its the new L'Oréal Color Riche Nail Top Coat Confetti.
Its basically small and large black and white matte hexagonal glitters in a clear base with some very subtle silver micro shimmer shot through.
The black and white ratio is pretty even and you get plenty of both when you apply the polish. Best thing though? Its really densly packed so ONE coat is all you need! And the application is smooth and even, so no need to dab or place the glitters!
Removal was fine, the glitters do like to get everywhere but thats normal with a glitter polish so I'm not complaining.

Overall, if you have been lemming after a black and white glitter and don't want to buy an indie one then go get this now!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

31 Days of Nail Art Challenge - Day 15 - Delicate Print

Delicate Print.

Something I think looks so beautiful yet something I hardly wear on my nails.

So, to make my life easier, I chose stamping!

Instead of a full nail pattern I went for black lace french tips.
This is a base of 2true Fast Dry Colour Quick in Shade 11. Its a lovely nude creme, opaque in 2/3 coats.
I LOVE these! So dainty yet modern. And my stamping skills are really improving too!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

31 Days of Nail Art Challenge - Day 14 - Flowers


An image that can be created in so many ways. And one that I've repeatedly produced on my nails.

At first I was going to do rainbow flowers over all my nails with a dotting tool but I was short for time, so I did the same thing but stamped!
I rarely wear crazy full nail patterns, let alone a different one on each nail, so this was a refreshing change.
I think they look like old fashioned wallpaper!
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