Tuesday 26 February 2013

Color Club Angel Kiss

Oh My God!

These Color Club Halo Hues are so insanely holographic!
I just could not wait to get these onto my nails! Problem is, after destroying my thumb nail (which I told you about here) I can't really paint my nails... So, what to do?

Get my mum to do it! Haha. And because I've had to be in hospital today instead of school, I could wear it all day!

So, this is Color Club Angel Kiss from the Halo Hues collection.
t is a pale blue toned teal with a bucket load of holo! Application was dreamy, it applied smoothly and leveled itself out with no patchy areas. No special basecoat was needed and even though my nails are super smooth, the holo was unaffected! :D
At one coat it is basically opaque and to be honest you only need a second coat if you have ocd's about only wearing one coat... Like I do :/

And despite the gloomy British weather, the holo was so STRONG!

This picture is of my nails at 6.30am:
 And this one at 8.30pm:
And this is what the holo looked like in a photo I took on my phone:
I just could not stop staring at my nails! Perfect distraction for when your waiting in a hospital waiting room, haha.


  1. So gorgeous. The effect is so amazing that it almost looks like nail wraps!

    1. It really is, aha! So many people asked me if they were wraps!


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