Saturday 9 February 2013

A England nail mail!

So you may have heard about the recent Royal Mail fiasco about the postage of nail polish and other 'dangerous' goods.

Well, I placed an order during the amazing A England two year anniversary sale (where everything worked out at half price or less!) and expected it to arrive a few days later. Well it didn't and, as I later found out, was because they were inundated with orders and so hadn't actually sent them yet. Since this was my very first order from them I waited patiently... and then a week went by... and then another... and then postage horror stories spread throughout the blogging community... And then this is where I got worried.

After emailing them (and getting a very prompt response I must add!) I was offered a refund. I said yes to it, never received it and then a week later got a message apologizing and saying they could send my original order within a few days once they got some special lables from Royal Mail. So I waited, and then yesterday they arrived! Finally! OH MY GOD am I glad they sent them because I am IN LOVE WITH THEM!!
So what did I actually order?
A England Saint George, Excalibur and Tristam (as a set)
A England Lady of Shallot and Ophelia
Love, Love, LOVE!

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