Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Color Club Sparkle and Soar

Quick post today, a polish I have already shown you as part of my Halloween nails.

This is Color Club Sparkle and Soar.
It is a warm tangerine jelly with gold glass flecks.
Say hello to my right hand! It's making its debut, and probably rare, appearance. <-- Only cos I had nail art on my left hand which you can see here.
It is sooo bold and bright! You could say it was neon but I think it's much nicer than the regular neon oranges out there.
This is 3 coats but it is still not totally opaque. I chose to leave it there simply because I was going to cover it with a shatter polish and this is where it evened itself out. If you wanted it totally opaque you could layer it over a creme orange base.
After 3 coats it begins looking like a foil! Sooo sparkly! The gold flecks are so densely packed that they begin to make a duochromey layer of their own (if that makes sense...?).

Ah, I love Color Club! Unfortunately they're not sold in the UK so the only place I know of to but them is TKMaxx, but I love TKMaxx so thats totally fine with me! 

Halloween Nail Art!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Normally I'm such a nail art lover that I actually can't believe I haven't posted any until now!

Anyways, onto the art...

This is my Halloween creation:
With Topcoat

Thumb: Pumpkin
First finger: Blood Drip
Middle finger: Frankenstein
Ring finger: Web
Pinky: Ghost

Without Topcoat

I was short for time and didn't want to do something half heartedly on my right hand so I just went with black shatter over orange glass fleck.
Orange: Colour Club - Sparkle and Soar
Shatter: China Glaze - Black Mesh

Hope you all liked it! x

Sunday, 28 October 2012

British Nail Bloggers

British Nail Bloggers

Rachel at Phoenix Nails wore it pink for Breast Cancer Campaign's Wear it Pink Day with a pretty Monarch Butterfly mani

Emma's Quest for the Holy Grail continues with some unusually successful watermarbling and other foes to face including this triple colour striping mani at Emma's Little Corner

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing is getting Halloween started early with a SPOOKY MANICURE! Aroooooooooooooooo!

Jazz at Glitter Infatuation has been having fun with the new W7 Glitters, Mosaic, Glitter Dazzle and Salt and Pepper!Glitter is appropriate no matter what the occasion.

Over at Pie's Eyes Lyndsay shows off her Good Food Show Theme Manicure which she wore last weekend.

Jo at Northern Nails is going to a Halloween party tonight and will be wearing this mani!

This week The Teenage Shopaholic has been... scaring herself silly! She was wearing China Glaze Midtown Magic to a horror movie marathon sleepover!

Sam at Polished Art is 'feeling the love tonight' with her Lion King inspired manicure for the 31 Day Challenge (yep, that's still going!).

Wendy at Wendy's Delights shows us her Green Glitter Nails for Llama Nails A-Z challenge

PishPosh and Polish's Kerrie has been having fun with her new Brazilian polishes this week. Also she has been swatching Pretty and Polished Candy Corn Is it orange? Is It Yellow? This mood changing polish is both!

Danielle has had a busy week this week so drafted in some help from Rachel at Phoenix Nails who created an awesome Halloween Mani for her Guest Post at Totally Nailed

Enigmatic Rambles has been getting her freehand on this week with MEG and MOG do you remember them?

Kerry at JustTalkNails has done a manicure of Ghoulish Ghosts with a host of Barry M nail paints.

Laura at She Who Does Nails had a go at freehanding a pattern she found on Pinterest this week.

Carlyn has spent the week decorating so not many posts but friday she went nail polish crazy Nail Polish Haul Going to have fun swatching all these

Vic's been playing with some of the Orly Fired Up collection for Fall and creating some Autumn Jewels.

Abi at Volatile Varnish experiemented with silver stamping over Gosh Holographic Hero and got some really cool results.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

China Glaze Midtown Magic

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts. Its been a hard week. Anyway, I'm not gonna go on about it...

Ok so here's a confession. I admit it. I am a scaredy cat! I've just got home from a movie marathon sleepover and oh-my-god, nothing will ever be the same again! I just CAN'T cope with scary movies!! I am now terrified of just about everything. Great.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, onto the polish. Since it was a sleepover I was going to, I thought a midnight themed polish would be suitable. This is China Glaze Midtown Magic.
Its is a burgandy/chocolate/wine (i couldn't decide) base with gold and copper flecks in it. The shimmer is far more obvious in the bottle than on the nail but I, for once, actually like it because it reminds me of a starry night.. You know, when you have to stare up at the sky for a bit before you see the stars.
This is GORGEOUS! Two coats is plenty, you can leave it at one if you want a lighter base but it can occasionally get patchy.
Its sort of a vampy kind of colour because the base can be mistaken for black if you don't look properly. But if you do, you would see all the pretty gold and copper and occasionally red sparkles and that is what makes me think it would make a good autumn colour!
Another thing that i love about this polish is that in the sun it glows from within! Like seriously, the center of my nails remind me of a crackling fire. The one gripe i have with this one is that it takes aageees to dry! :( Thank god for quick dry spray!
Blurry pic to show of the sparklyness!

I'll be back on Tuesday with a Halloween post, I promise! x

Saturday, 20 October 2012

FashionistA Mystical Dragon - Swatch and Review

Monday is another one of my best friend's birthday and so today we went to Covent Gardens! There was 7 of us and it was great day out!

I went bag packing yesterday with my cousin and because it was in a supermarket i couldn't really paint my nails while handling other peoples food so i had to paint them this morning. Grr. Me no likey paining my nails in a rush -_-

This is FashionistA Mystical Dragon.
Its basically a whole lotta glass flecks thrown into a beautiful teal base!
This is 3/4 coats. I used four on some nails because my nail line was still really quite visible. To be honest it'll probably take about 20 coats to make this totally opaque but like I've said before with other polishes, you can only tell if you hold your hand up to a light source.
The annoying thing about this is actually to do with the bottle. The square lid separates from the inside lid! I don't know if this is was supposed to be like that or not but its pretty annoying when you need to paint your nails quickly and only remember afterwards that there are two lids to take off. :/
I guess you could say it has a duochrome effect to it because in some lights it is a pretty bold blue and in others it is sparkling sea green, but mostly is sits somewhere between the two. Also, because of the amount of coats I've done, it kind of looks like a foil.

Overall, a totally awesome polish except for the lid(s)

Happy Birthday (for monday) Seevana! x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

31 days of nail art challenge

Hmm... So I'm thinking about doing this challenge but because of school and stuff it'll have to be more like 31 weekends of nail art :S
I really do want to do it so watch this space x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Fearne Ruby Cotton - Swatch and Review

So according to the shops, Christmas is officially here!

Everywhere you look, there are Christmas displays out, Christmas music playing or Christmas 'special' offers. Oh well, I'm not complaining because it means that there are some awesome items out that are only sold at Christmas times and the offers are actually quite good! An example of this awesomeness is the Models Own polishes I got from Boots last week.

Anyway, on to the polish I'm wearing today. Today is one of my Best Friend's birthday and so yesterday we went out to celebrate. We were going to watch Sinister but the lady at the till in Vue wouldn't let us in because we didn't have ID on us even though we were ALL old enough to go in! My nails were supposed to be related to the film though so here goes...

This is Fearne - Ruby Cotton. It's designed by Fearne Cotton.
It's a ruby red jelly polish with red and gold glass fleck shimmer shot through it.
It is GORGEOUS! Perfect for Christmas I'd say!
It's pretty sheer due to the fact that its a jelly but it becomes opaque in 3 coats. That said, you can still see your nail line if you hold you had up to the light... But no-one does normally that do they?
The great thing about this is that the shimmer shows up on the nail! I've go so many polishes where it looks lovely in the bottle but they it disappears on the nail. :(
Have you picked up any great Christmas products yet?

And Happy Birthday Faika! x

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Wah! Wah! Girls

So as I mentioned last to last Saturday, I went to see a show called Wah! Wah! Girls.

First, let me mention that it is Bollywood Musical. And that it is pronounced Vah Vah Girls. Now you probably thinking, what the hell?? Well yeah, I wouldn't be surprised. Even I was a bit skeptical at first but it really is quite good.
Its hard to imagine what a Bollywood Musical set in East London might turn out like, but this show proved it didn't have to be a complete mess. It's set in Stratford in 2012 but throughout it flashes between East London and India and is "inspired by the world of Muija (pronounced mujra) dancers"
The storyline got a bit confusing at points but it was really funny and the dancing was really good too!
  So basically the story centers around two women searching for their freedom: Sita - who is a teenager from Leeds who runs away from her family and arrives in London to learn how to dance and Soraya - a classically trained dancer who left India a long time ago and has now made a living by running the Wah! Wah! dance club in East London. 

Their lives collide and as secrets are revealed and truths uncovered, it turns out they aren't so different from each other as they originally thought.

Through the means of song and dance, the story unravels and we soon learn that things aren't as simple as they may seem...
Its actually quite an interesting show and if they ever put it on again I would definitely recommend watching it.

(all images are from the Wah Wah Girls official program)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

O.P.I My Address Is Hollywood - Swatch and Review

You may or may not know but October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and so in support of that I chose to wear a pink polish.

This is O.P.I My Address Is Hollywood.
It's a lovely salmon pink (coral?) creme with a very fine golden shimmer running through it. The shimmer unfortunately doesn't really show up on the nail :(
It applies okay I guess but I was never quite satisfied (it kept looking patchy or streaky or I could see brushmarks) so this is about 4 or 5 coats. A bit extreme I know but oh well, I think 3 would have been okay if I actually took my time to apply it precisely. Ah I love the names of O.P.I polishes, they're so random!
One very good thing about this polish is that it dries very fast and smooth.
Okay here's a confession: I have NEVER bought a full price O.P.I. I simply can't afford it! I mean seriously, £11 a bottle! I've either got them from TK Maxx as part of a set or bought them when they were reduced in Sally's. I <3 Sally's and TK Maxx

Thanks for reading x

One of the best days (nail-wise) so far...

Hello there,

This is the story of how a rather un-planned day turned in to one of the best!

First of all came the polishes. In the moning, seriously it was morning (10am!), i went shopping but had very little money :( Anyways, I went into Boots and hovered around the cosmetics stands and et voila! I saw that the Models Own Mirrorball Collection was out!! So, as you probably guessed i got every single one. And boy was I lucky, there was only one or two of each, so basically I got the last ones they had! :0 And because it was all 3 for 2, I bought 6 bottles, 5 Mirrorballs and one from their very latest collection, Wonderland.
If that wasn't great enough, when I got home there was a parcel waiting for me! It was the stamping plates I ordered. They took 3 weeks to arrive but oh well they're here now. And they were dead cheap! Less than £21 for 52 plates, so less than 40p a plate! That compared to Konad which are £5 per plate, well do I need to say any more...?
 And to top it all off, when my mum got home from work she had some awesome news! She won a competition, and the prize was 5 brand new full size O.P.I's!!! It was the Fruity Nails Collection, which was exclusively packaged for Waitrose.

Ahh... Can this day get any better? :D

Byeeee x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Thank you!!!

Just a quick post to say Thank You to the 331 people who read my blog in September! And thanks for all the amazing feedback :D

Love you x
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