Saturday 6 October 2012

One of the best days (nail-wise) so far...

Hello there,

This is the story of how a rather un-planned day turned in to one of the best!

First of all came the polishes. In the moning, seriously it was morning (10am!), i went shopping but had very little money :( Anyways, I went into Boots and hovered around the cosmetics stands and et voila! I saw that the Models Own Mirrorball Collection was out!! So, as you probably guessed i got every single one. And boy was I lucky, there was only one or two of each, so basically I got the last ones they had! :0 And because it was all 3 for 2, I bought 6 bottles, 5 Mirrorballs and one from their very latest collection, Wonderland.
If that wasn't great enough, when I got home there was a parcel waiting for me! It was the stamping plates I ordered. They took 3 weeks to arrive but oh well they're here now. And they were dead cheap! Less than £21 for 52 plates, so less than 40p a plate! That compared to Konad which are £5 per plate, well do I need to say any more...?
 And to top it all off, when my mum got home from work she had some awesome news! She won a competition, and the prize was 5 brand new full size O.P.I's!!! It was the Fruity Nails Collection, which was exclusively packaged for Waitrose.

Ahh... Can this day get any better? :D

Byeeee x

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