Saturday 13 October 2012

Wah! Wah! Girls

So as I mentioned last to last Saturday, I went to see a show called Wah! Wah! Girls.

First, let me mention that it is Bollywood Musical. And that it is pronounced Vah Vah Girls. Now you probably thinking, what the hell?? Well yeah, I wouldn't be surprised. Even I was a bit skeptical at first but it really is quite good.
Its hard to imagine what a Bollywood Musical set in East London might turn out like, but this show proved it didn't have to be a complete mess. It's set in Stratford in 2012 but throughout it flashes between East London and India and is "inspired by the world of Muija (pronounced mujra) dancers"
The storyline got a bit confusing at points but it was really funny and the dancing was really good too!
  So basically the story centers around two women searching for their freedom: Sita - who is a teenager from Leeds who runs away from her family and arrives in London to learn how to dance and Soraya - a classically trained dancer who left India a long time ago and has now made a living by running the Wah! Wah! dance club in East London. 

Their lives collide and as secrets are revealed and truths uncovered, it turns out they aren't so different from each other as they originally thought.

Through the means of song and dance, the story unravels and we soon learn that things aren't as simple as they may seem...
Its actually quite an interesting show and if they ever put it on again I would definitely recommend watching it.

(all images are from the Wah Wah Girls official program)

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