Saturday, 24 August 2013

Crazy Color Bleaching Kit and Ion Colour Flash Ultra Indigo

Hi everyone!

Guess what I went and did on Saturday/Sunday? Dye the ends of my hair purple! Although it didn't exactly work due to the dye I used, I'm still pretty happy with it...

So this is what I used:

Read on to find out what happened...

So instead of explaining every single step in loads of detail, since you probably know how to go about dying hair, here's a quick group of pictures showing the 3 steps with a short explanation:
-First I mixed the bleach up following the instructions, then using the brush and gloves provided, applied it to the mid to end section of my hair.
-I left it in my hair for just 15 minutes, man this stuff is strong!
-Then after washing it all out, this is what was left.
-I then applied the dye straight from the bottle to the bleached section of hair and also slightly above so make the blend a bit smoother
-I left it for 20 minutes like it said but literally no colour transferred so I re-applied it, this time for 1 hour.
-I then washed it out and left it to dry
---At every stage after washing my hair I roughly straightened it just so I could make sure everything was level (although I got a bit lazy towards the end)---

And this is what I was left with:
So as you can see, it didn't actually work the way I was expecting it to. The purple dye only worked on some strands, so I was left with sort of patchy half blonde/half purple ends. Although, where it didn't add colour, it did darken the remaining strands.
Obligatory bathroom selfie ;)
Since doing this, I have washed my hair 3 times and almost all of the purple has washed out. The funny thing is, my ends are still a lot darker than the blonde you can see above :S Anyway, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and am thinking about re-colouring the ends in a few days, but using a colour from a different brand... I'll keep you all updated!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

-Dressmaking Diaries- McCalls M6486 Girls Dress View A

 Hello and welcome to the first ever Dressmaking Diaries!

Those of you that know me will know that one of my favourite subjects was Textiles and that I love to sew! But since school/exams ended, I haven't actually done much sewing at all! So this is the first thing I've actually completed so far:
I made the McCalls M6486 Girls Dress, Size A, View A for my little cousins 4th birthday and I think she liked it :)
Front View
It is described as: "Lined, mid-knee length dress has bodice with princess seams, shoulder straps, pleated skirt, back zipper and tulle ruffle on lining." I followed the instructions pretty much exactly, except I did not include the tulle ruffle. Besides that it is made exactly as the instructions said. 


Back View
The fabric I used was a fuscia pink linen with a light pink cotton blend lining. I liked both fabrics in terms of ease of use and things but the linen was definitely much easier to work with than the cotton blend lining though! I also had to create a new zipper ending but that wasn't too difficult.
Overall, I'd say this was an easy pattern to follow and if I were to recreate the dress again, I don't think I would have any problems. Sweet and simple!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Stay Strong Sweetheart

Hey everyone, you may have noticed that I've been a bit M.I.A recently.

There's two reasons for that, the first is that I've just finished the main part of The Challenge (which I would seriously recommend to anyone if they ever get the chance to do it!) last week, and the second is that my  health isn't getting any better and I'm in quite a lot of pain right now. But that doesn't matter...

I really feel like I'm neglecting the blog, so here's a mani I did today, which has a bit of a story behind it...
The story relates back to both of the reasons why I've been a bit M.I.A.

While on The Challenge, I met some amazing people, people who I will stay friends with for a long time. And one of those people has now become one of my new best friends. And that really is something because "best friend" isn't a title I give out very easily. But the the thing is, she really is the first person I've ever met that I can relate to SO much! She's also probably the only person ever to find out so much about me in such a short space of time. And like I already said, I'm in a lot of pain right now, and for someone who one month ago didn't even know I existed, she has been so incredibly supportive, both then and now. I feel so lucky to have met her, and I doubt most people will understand why but I really do feel privileged.

You might be wondering how this remotely relates to butterfly nail art, well basically they were the reason I first really opened up to her and vice versa. So if you're reading this: Stay Strong Sweetheart <3

Oh and if you were wondering, the base polish is Claire's Speckled Nail Polish and I stamped the butterflies with Layla Ceramic Effect 30.
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