Saturday 20 October 2012

FashionistA Mystical Dragon - Swatch and Review

Monday is another one of my best friend's birthday and so today we went to Covent Gardens! There was 7 of us and it was great day out!

I went bag packing yesterday with my cousin and because it was in a supermarket i couldn't really paint my nails while handling other peoples food so i had to paint them this morning. Grr. Me no likey paining my nails in a rush -_-

This is FashionistA Mystical Dragon.
Its basically a whole lotta glass flecks thrown into a beautiful teal base!
This is 3/4 coats. I used four on some nails because my nail line was still really quite visible. To be honest it'll probably take about 20 coats to make this totally opaque but like I've said before with other polishes, you can only tell if you hold your hand up to a light source.
The annoying thing about this is actually to do with the bottle. The square lid separates from the inside lid! I don't know if this is was supposed to be like that or not but its pretty annoying when you need to paint your nails quickly and only remember afterwards that there are two lids to take off. :/
I guess you could say it has a duochrome effect to it because in some lights it is a pretty bold blue and in others it is sparkling sea green, but mostly is sits somewhere between the two. Also, because of the amount of coats I've done, it kind of looks like a foil.

Overall, a totally awesome polish except for the lid(s)

Happy Birthday (for monday) Seevana! x


  1. I have London envy, Glad you enjoyed your time at Covent its lovely there! I've never seen this brand before but that's such a beautiful colour! The name suits it perfectly!

    1. Haha, yeah London can be cool but you get used to it after living there your whole life! I agree i LOVE this colour, and you can buy it in Superdrug. x


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