Wednesday 1 May 2013

Barry M Sequin Nail Effect - White

I have a new product for you all!

You may have seen or heard about all the new Barry M releases coming out over the next few months (more Gelly polishes, new Sequin Effects and new Confetti Effects). Well I have one of the New Sequin Nail Effects Nail Paints to show you!

This is Sequin Nail Paint in White. (There is also a pink one with the same formula and a black and gold one too).
That is two coats of the polish over a white creme.
It is basically a sheer white base with small hex glitter suspended in it. The colours of the glitters are red, blue, green, gold and silver. I think there is also some sort of texture element to it because when the first coat dried there was visible opaque residue in the polish. Either that or I have a dodgy bottle.
The formula was easy to work with and applied smoothly, but the glitter did like to hide away on the first coat. On the second however, they spread out nicely and a good amount transfered onto the nail.
Okay, here's the truth. It is very sheer. As in so sheer it will NEED a base colour, otherwise it will take about 6/7 coats to get it remotely opaque. And if you actually do that many coat, the glitter will probably just fill your nails.
I decided to mattify it to see what it looks like and well... there wasn't much difference. The whole thing just went a bit cloudier and the base and glitter got duller, but apart from that nothing much else changed.

Removal was the same as any other chunky glitter. Thankfully no vicious scrubbing was required and eventually the glitter did slide off which is a major bonus!

So overall what do I think? Well it reminds me of sprinkles and I can see myself using this a lot for nail art, but I doubt I would wear it as a full mani very often. It was a tad bit 'primary school' if that makes sense to you and the formula was a bit annoying but I think it will quite popular since it's quite different.

You can purchase it from the majority of Superdrug and Boots stores and the Barry M website soon.


  1. Ooh this is the first swatch I've seen of any of these polishes :)

    Such a shame they're so sheer, but not the end of the world I suppose. It looks a bit bumpy though? I'll probably still buy the pink one even if it is sheer and bumpy lol.

    1. Yay, I'm ahead of the pack for once, haha! They are a little bumpy once dry but a thick layer of topcoat sorts it out and then its totally smooth. But I agree, I wish they were more opaque. Not too much of a big deal though :)

  2. These are gorgeous!! Ive never seen them before, and they look great!
    Def gonna be looking for them!!

    1. Yeah they are officially released in June! x

  3. I really like the look. I thought this one would be a dupe of China Glaze It's a Trap-eze, but it looks different. Not so sure about texture though as I am not a fan of that.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, I would have liked better it if there was a variety of colours and shapes of glitter to be honest. The texture isn't that obvious if you layer it over a base though.

  4. This is so pretty! I think I'm gonna have to buy this when it comes out! :) It's a shame it is so sheer though :/

    1. You might be able to hunt it down right now if your lucky! The sheerness is a bit of a downfall but layering it isn't too bad :)


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