Friday 24 May 2013


Where have I been? Well.... On Tuesday I was about to leave for school when I fell down the stairs and landed on my back on a hard-wood floor! That was the LAST thing I needed especially since this week has been so busy in terms of exams. Anyway I'm okay (ish.. I'm in a lot of pain but it doesn't matter)

So back to the polish. First of all can I say, this is such a difficult polish to photograph!!! But it is so beautiful at the same time!
Here is O.P.I - OPI Ink, a polish that I've wanted ever since I first saw swatches of it!
It is a gorgeous blurple that looks magical in the bottle! The base is right between blue and purple and it is loaded with small glass flecks that shift from blue and purple right through to pink and even gold (although the gold is pretty hard to see on the nail). On the nail it settles as a duochrome deep violet shade in most lights and a deep navy occasionally.
Application was quite good. The first coat was pretty sheer and patchy and a second coat evened out the patchiness but a third coat made it totally opaque. At three coats it has this very luxe look to it.
It really does look like ink, albeit a colour-shifting shimmering ink.
The formula was easy to work with and I experienced no dragging but I was working quite quickly and my nails are quite short at the moment anyway. Dry time is normal but with three coats it did dry faster than I expected.
Under artificial light above, and under sunlight below:
The duochrome can really be seen under artificial light:
Under flash the metallic element really shows through, as does the bluer side of this polish.
So basically what I'm saying is that this is one heck of an awesome polish! It exudes gothic glamour and looks very luxe on.

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