Tuesday 30 April 2013

This month I'm loving... Water Decal Paper

If you've never heard of Water Decals, your missing out! They are basically are super easy way of adding art to your nails and work in a similar way to temporary tattoos.

The only thing is, they can only be used once. Thats why I think it is a bit of a waste of money buying one sheet, which costs on average £2+. So the alternative is to make your own! Hence the reason the word paper was mentioned in the title.
I prefer to make my own as you can have as much freedom and creativity as you like and its a lot cheaper too! Here are some simple instructions that I've put together explaining how to make you own:

Its a fairly easy process and all you need is:
-A sheet (or pack) of tansparent printable water decal paper
-A computer and printer
-A pair of scissors
-Clear topcoat
-A bowl/cup of water

All you have to do is first make or find the images you want to make into the decals online and put them altogether on a page on something like Microsoft PowerPoint or Publisher and then print it out! You can print to whatever size your printer will allow and you can print virtually anything!
an example of what I printed
Once its printed, let it dry for a bit and then cut out the part you want to use. If you are doing a full nail pattern, I would suggest cutting it to a shape the same as your nail as it will just make it a bit easier. Then paint over the whole piece with a clear topcoat, but DO NOT use Seche Vite as it will make it peel.

When the topcoat has dried fully, fill a cup or bowl with water and, holding the very tip of the image, submerge it into the water. Some brands may differ but the one I use says to keep it underwater for 30-60 seconds. Regardless of the time, you will know when it is done because it will start to peel away from the backing paper.

Once it starts to peel off, place a small corner onto your nail in position and press down. While you do that, slowly slide the backing paper away and press the decal firmly onto your nail. I recommend using a tissue over your finger when you press the decal down because it will absorb any water remaining and help the decal stay.

The final step is to topcoat it to seal it all in!

See, easy! Here is a quick look I created:


  1. That's so cute! I love them!

    I use water decals all. the. time so I'd love to give this a go. So, you paint the decal with top coat and let that dry, before you soak it off the backing paper in the water and put it on your nail?

    1. Haha, thanks! Yeah thats basically it, and the best thing is you can move it around a little before pressing it down completely!


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