Friday 5 April 2013

Revlon Girly

It seems like the mainstream beauty brands have noticed the popularity of indie brands and so are following suit. Enter Revlon Girly.
Now this is a polish that you will either love or hate.
Its a sheer pale milky pink base full of purple, blue and rose gold coloured hex glitter and lilac and peach micro almost-holographic glitter.
The glitter is pretty dense so I found that one coat was sufficient and I didn't need to really place the glitter either which was good.
This is one coat (two on my ring finger) of Revlon Girly over Color Club Blushing Rose, which was the colour closest to the actual base of Girly.
Its a total Barbie-esqe polish and one that will probably look pretty tacky to most people.
I don't really like it much truthfully BUT after putting a matte top-coat over I think it looks sooo much better!
 So much so that I might even consider wearing it as a full mani!
I guess you could layer this up to opaque but it would probably take like 5/6 coats to do so.
I tried it out with one coat on naked nails and I did actually like it, but it showed some very obvious nail line so I don't think I would leave it at that.

What do you think? Would you wear it or is it just a bit too childish?


  1. i love that you mattified it! it does look better :)

    1. I always see how a glitter looks mattified, often I find they look better that way! :)


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