Friday 26 April 2013

Ask A British Nail Blogger... "How do you store your polish?"


This is a question I always get asked by people! I guess by having so much of something does eventually pose a storage issue which needs to be addressed and so this is my solution:

Okay so currently I have 11 suitcases that I store all my polish in. I know most bloggers and polish-addicts use Helmers, but I don't really see the appeal personally... And plus I like the fact that I can add or remove suitcases depending on my needs instead of having empty or overflowing drawers.

Anyway, onto the stash.... (This doesn't include the storage of all my nail art bits and bobs)
Suitcase 1:

Suitcase 2:

Suitcase 3:

Suitcase 4:

Suitcase 5:

Suitcase 6:

Suitcase 7:

Suitcase 8:

Suitcase 9:

Suitcase 10:

Suitcase 11:

If you would like to see individual bottle shots of particular brands or anything just let me know!


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