Monday 1 April 2013

This month I'm loving... TK Maxx

T.K.Maxx. A store you either love or you hate.

For me its definitely one of my favourite shops.

Why I hear you ask? Well for a start most of the prices are fantastic! They have amazing markdowns on rrp prices, and often for products still available at full price. Also the home-ware department reminds me of a thrift/vintage store, and I love them! AND best of all they sell products that you can't find in any other shops or even anywhere else in the country! (American nail polishes I'm talking about you!) But yes, I admit I will never buy clothes from there, because I'm not going to lie, it resembles a jumble sale and I just can't deal with that amount of chaos. And from past experiences, you can hardly EVER find something remotely nice, that fits and isn't ruined in some way. But when it comes to beauty, stationary/books and all sorts of home-ware I'm all for it!

And March has been a pretty productive month when it comes to TKMaxx hauling!

I made two trips this month, one because I was in neee of emergency presents (f.y.i. they have some amazing things to give as gifts at fabulous prices!) and the second because me and mum went out shopping.

Obviously I'm not going to show what I got to be gifts because that will ruin the surprise but here's a few bits that I got for myself:

A hook with a quote on, its just so me! Haha (£3):
Some really cool notebooks, the pages inside are the colour of the cover and there are quote on every other page or so... Love! (£2.99 each):
 A vintage style jewellery mannequin (£6.99):
 What I Wore Today, an awesome fashion diary! (£3.99):
Macadamia Rejuvenating shampoo, I've been meaning to try this out for ages! (£6.99):
A cute fabric covered birdy notebook, this will be my 'Blogging Book' to help me stay organised (£2.99):

Also, in other trips I've bought Color Club nail polish sets for £7.99, Orly nail polish sets for £9.99 and even O.P.I sets for less than £10 each! Basically T.K.Maxx is my first stop for dead cheap nail polish, awesomly cute notebooks and little vintage style decor items for my room!


  1. Great post, I love this store!

  2. Same here, have gotten so many good polish deals from Tk Maxx.

    1. Its one of my favourite places to buy polish :)


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