Tuesday 5 February 2013

This month I'm loving... V05 Hot Oil

This was supposed to be posted at the end of January but life got a bit hectic and I forgot, oops!

Hello and welcome to the first post in the 'This month I'm loving' series!

At the start of this month I bought quite a lot of beauty/skin-care/hair-care products and I can safely say I love nearly all of them! But out of the lot, this has got to be the most successful:

It is V05 Hot Oil!
I've only been using it for about 3 weeks but I can definitely see a huge improvement in my hair!

I bought it because, since dying my hair over a month and a half ago, its been getting dryer and more and more brittle. At first I ignored it but then it got to a point where instead of split ends my hair was just snapping at the tips!

Obviously because my hair is waist legnth I didn't want it to break so much that it became too wonky and realised I really needed to do something about it. After some research I decided that an oil would be the best 'repairer' but didn't want to splash out on a product I'd never tried before. Thats where the V05 Hot Oil came in!

Its basically an orangey oil that you apply to damp hair for one minute before washing out then shampooing as normal. There is an indicator on the side of the tube illustrating one application, but I found myself needing two because of the length of my hair.

After the very first use I found my hair was softer, more manageable and just felt stronger. A definite success if you ask me!
Obviously over time I'll try new brands which may be better than this but this oil is definitely a brilliant starting point!

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