Tuesday 22 January 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snowwww

You can probably guess what this post is about by reading the title haha!

If you live in the UK, you'll know that its been SNOWING!!

Which is great news for me because I LOVE it!

It started falling on Friday, and because of that my school shut early.  However, I was sent home about an hour after I arrived for medical reasons. Anyway, that wasn't too bad because it started melting on Saturday.  But then Sunday arrived and it fell and fell and fell! We all expected school to be closed yesterday but it wasn't, instead we had a shortened day.

This was the scene at the park next to school:
Isn't it beautiful?!

And this is how deep the snow was!:
Me and one of my best friends went a bit silly in the snow :P
Snowflakes ARE real!:
And this is what next doors tree looked like yesterday morning:
I would LOVE to live somewhere that had regular snow!

In other news, I have been hauling. This is not good. I am meant to be restraining myself. Haha!

I went shopping sunday and yesterday and this is what I got:
mini Soap & Glory haul
new brand 'b.' at Superdrug
no idea what came over me, but I wanted new (cheap) eyeshadow :/
random things i really wanted/needed
MAC Fix +
I'm glad I went though because I genuinely like/needed/wanted these products so it wasn't totally reckless spending.

I have a theory as to why I like shopping. You see how some people eat when they are nervous/depressed/scared/etc? Well thats exactly what I do but by shopping instead! So insted of comfort eating, I comfort shop!


Alsooooo, I will be making a facebook page soon. Why now you ask? Well I made a deal with myself, that if I ever got over 150 pageviews in a day I will make a facebook page for the blog. I said 150, because I genuinely thought it wouldn't happen until waaay later in the year, but it happened on Sunday, so a facebook page will soon be created!

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