Monday 5 November 2012

31 Days of Nail Art Challenge - Day 1 - Red


A colour that i used to hate simply because it was the only colour that I used to wear on my nails. It was only because that was all my mum had, she wasn't big on cosmetics (still isn't), and I think it may be an Asian/Indian thing but red was the only 'suitable' nail colour.

Oh well, we have kissed and made up now and I've started appreciating it again.

Sooo... What have got on for red nails??

China Glaze Ruby Pumps!
Ah I love this polish!

And because today is Guy Fawkes Night I went for a themed mani.
Although I think this looks more Christmassy to be honest...

These are the polishes i used:

And don't forget to check out what Stephanie and Wendy have created this week!


  1. AHH! I love the firework nail so gorgeous and perfect for tonight! :)

    Jazz x

    1. Aww thank you!
      It was surprisingly easy to do!


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