Friday 9 November 2012

Half Term and Hauling

Sigh, half term is over :(

But I genuinely needed that break. I guess it was because I just needed time to recover. Life can really take over, make you lose control and just totally tire you out!

BUT, that's not to say I was just sat at home sleeping. Oh no, far from it.  To be honest I don't even feel refreshed if I do that... Just even more tired! Actually, I was only home for two out of ten days.

The first weekend I was at my friends sleepover, that I've already told you about. Then on Sunday I went to Trafalgar Square to see Diwali on the Square. It was actually really good! Monday I was at home then on Tuesday I was off to my aunt/cousins house until Thursday to see them and their two daughters, who might I add are sooo cute and adorable! While there I went to a kids Halloween party on Wednesday where I did face painting. It was actually so crazy but still cool. And then on Friday I went off to my grandparents house with my mum to see them and my (slightly mad) cousins. Monday was only my second day at home. Soooo, in between all of that I had to get coursework, homework and (of course) shopping done! It was a busy week! But totally amazing!

I've already told you I went shopping... So what did I buy?

Well... A LOT!

So here it is. (okay this is only about a third of it. It's the only spree I took a photo of... Imagine triple this amount and you'll probably start getting and idea of the amount I actually somehow managed to accumulate.)

And of course here's the polish:
Free Nails Inc

Okay that looks really bad! I feel kinda guilty now. :S

I actually got quite a lot of clothes for a change... Hmm maybe the clothes obsession is starting to kick its way back in..?

Ah well.. The next time I'm probably gonna go on a shopping trip/s like this will most likely be after Christmas so I guess that kind of in a way justifies this huge haul??

Anyway, I've been back to school since tuesday and I'm already ill so I've been stuck in bed yesterday and today :/


  1. Gorgeous haul oh my gosh, where did you get the barielle polishes and the color club? Super jealous!

    Jazz x

    1. Aw thanks! I feel so guilty when I look at it like that though! They're both from tkmaxx. x

    2. Musttt get to tkmaxx! Cheers hun :)

      Jazz x


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