Monday 19 November 2012

31 Days of Nail Art Challenge - Day 3 - Yellow


Hmm... A colour that I'm still not totally happy wearing. You can tell its a colour I tend to avoid because I only have 3 (not including gold or glitter) yellow polishes!

Haha, maybe we'll learn to get along sometime in the future.

But for today, I thought simple would be better so here is Kleancolor 24 Carat over Collection 2000 lemon soda.
Ironically I actually quite like this!

Ah I can never win can I...

And don't forget to check out what Stephanie and Wendy have created this week!


  1. How did you find the formula? I have this but didn't get on with it :( . Looks lovely though!

    1. The collection 2000? It was manageable but it did take three coats for it to be fully opaque and it took a looong time to dry... But thank you!

  2. Lovely, Just out of interest where did you get your kleancolor?!


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