Sunday 25 November 2012

I'm still here, I promise!

Hi everyone :)

First of all I just want to apologize for the fact that I've kinda disappeared over the past week. It's just been a really hard week, health-wise. I was sent home twice, couldn't even make it in another day and I've just generally been in a lot of pain.... So yeah, I'm sorry.

But I promise I haven't forgotten about the blog or you, my wonderful readers! Hopefully I'll get back to posting regularly soon, but for the time being lets just see what happens.

I didn't really prep anything to post so I'll just show you some new bits and bobs I've got over the past week (okay, my mum got most of this for me) :)

First is.... Free nail polish!! Mum spotted that these were free with a magazine when she went to Tesco and thought of me and got both colours! Ah I've taught her well, haha.

Next up is some watercolor crayons. I'd never actually heard of these before but I found this unopened pack in my study and oh gosh I really love them! I've got no clue where they came from but I can tell I'll be using them a lot!

Now is this cute or what?! I originally saw this hoodie online and out of the blue my mum actually bought it for me!!

Finally is... Seche Vite! Yes yes I know I'm a bit late but I've finally jumped onto the Seche Vite bandwagon.

I don't really have much else to say, so I guess see you next time. x


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