Tuesday 13 November 2012


Happy Diwali!!!

May you have a wonderful day and prosperous new year!

One thing I wish for every time is that it was a bigger deal then it actually is... I mean today for instance, only my friends actually knew it was Diwali. I don't mean to complain because I'm the first to admit I'm not religious but... Oh I dunno... It just seems like Christmas is the only thing properly celebrated in this country. Oh well...

Anyway, we didn't even do much at home this year..

But thats not to say we did nothing.

I did a rangoli and my mum did mehndi:
My Rangoli
My mum did my mehndi (henna)
And we lit candles everyday:
Floating candles

And of course, I did my nails :)
This is Barry M Gold Foil stamped over Bourjois 1Seconde shade 9. I did this in about 5 minutes so excuse the messiness.

So whatever you did today, I hope you had a fabulous time. x

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