About Me

Hello! My name's Diva and this is my diary (well, sort of).

I'm a student from London with an addiction to shopping ;)

I started this blog way back in 2012 but took a bit of a break this year (2014), to focus on my real life a bit. But I missed it so much that I decided to come back! Originally, this blog was a 'nails-only' sort of blog because I was majorly addicted to nail polish (and still am!) and loved to try out different styles of nail art. But I soon began to post some beauty and lifestyle type of posts and really enjoyed that too, so that's how this blog has become what it is today.

In real life I'm a thoughtful, creative person. I enjoy reading and learning, especially about the world around us, food/nutrition and about why we are the way we are (psychology). Some of my passions include playing around with clothes and makeup, filling up pages and pages of my sketchbooks and making cute handmade gifts. My rabbit, Dixie, is my baby <3 She's a little bit crazy, loves to explore and enjoys a good lie down, a bit like me really ;)

I mainly like to blog about things that I'm loving or am interested in, so expect lots of beauty/lifestyle/food based posts!

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