Saturday 8 September 2012

Crayola Bubblegum Nail Polish - Swatch and Review


Ok so this is a bit of a rushed post but I really wanted to post this so here goes...

One of my best friends (Seevana) recently went to America and brought back some cool things! One of them was this Crayola scented nail polish. I assume they were part of a set as there was different colours but I picked this pink one because although I don't normally wear pink this was a colour I didn't have in my stash.
Bubblegum is a slightly metallic hot pink with an awesome bubblegummy scent. Not sickly strong but strong enough to smell it if you waft your hands in front of your face (Or just sit there sniffing your nails like I did :P )
It's very pigmented and after 3 thin coats it is completely opaque. Drying time was actually quite fast and it applied nicely.

In the sun it almost... glows! Yeah, seriously it's like a neon.

In the macro shot you can see the micro shimmer.

So thank you sooo much Seevana, I love it! (And the other things too!)

Bye x

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