Tuesday 18 September 2012

KleanColor haul

Hey there

This is the story of how an innocent bit of homework turned into a slight shopping spree...

I needed to get a book for my English class so obviously I turned to Amazon. Well, while doing so I got distracted and started browsing through other things (nail polish basically) and I found loaaadds of American brands that I can't get over here and well I just needed them! So this is what happened:
I had to decide on only one brand cause otherwise the shipping costs would have been HUGE, so I picked KleanColor because they had some awesome polishes that reminded me of indies, but for a lot less.

I almost started crying when this arrived! Just look at them, they're beautiful! AND they worked out, on average, at less than £1 a bottle!!!
Ahh *happydance* whoooooo! Haha, I'm crazy, I know =D

(Ignore the crappy photo quality, I took these pics with my phone because I'm too impatient.)

Until next time x

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