Wednesday 5 September 2012

Back to school!


So today was my first day back at school and honestly.... It wasn't that bad! Okay so there was no usual late start (8:30 today, used to be 9:25!) and this is my last and probably most crucial year, but still it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

That said, there were a few hiccups:

Drama number 1: My hand has completely forgot how to write properly! Observe:
As you can see my handwriting is awful and trying to keep my nails a decent length at the same time doesn't help because they just dig into my palms. :(

Drama number 2: I had no summer tights left in decent condition. They were all bobbly or with slight rips in them. So, because of that I had to wear my winter ones and bloody hell I was boiling! The good thing is, I went to Alaska after school with one of my best friends and we got milkshakes, so it wasn't too unbearable :)

Drama number 3: New shoes DO hurt even if they are from Clarkes! Thank god they only started hurting at the end of the day.

Apart from all that the rest of the day was fine. I only had one proper lesson (Okay, it was a double) and then a talk about Moving on to College/Sixth form and Careers...
 Oh my god, In a few month I need to start applying! Time has gone WAY too fast!!

Ooooh I almost forgot! My new school bag!!!! I looooove it <3 <3 <3 Lets hope it lasts till the end of school and doesn't fall apart like some of my previous ones.

Okay, now that school has started I'm going to have to focus A LOT because of exams and all that so blogging will have to take a back seat sometimes, so I probably won't post everyday from now on.

Until next time... x

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