Saturday 29 December 2012

31 Days of Nail Art Challenge - Day 8 - Metallic


A finish I don't tend to wear much. Why? Because it often looks brushstrokey and also, I don't much like the frosted/pearly look that can sometimes come off of metallics.

So, instead of a plain metallic I chose... Barry M Chameleon Blue!
I originally bought this for when I was a away from home so I could change my nails without much effort.
Its a nice enough colour on its own, not my favourite though. It's a sort of silver toned blue colour.
It was opaque in one coat but I did two because it it showed just about every single ridge on my nails.

I wasn't feeling particularly creative so I just did dots...
The colour I do like from this polish is the one it changes into! Its a gorgeous plum/maroon/burgandy colour and I think that looks more flattering on my skin tone than the blue did. Excuse the mess, the topcoat outside of the painted area sort of changed colour too and i was too lazy to clean it up :/
The funny thing is, in real life I did NOT see this much variation in colour! Its as if the amount, and thickness, of topcoat dictate the outcome of the 'topcoat' colour... Hmm, interesting.

I guess in the future I will wear topcoat anyway so I'm happy that I prefer the 'topcoat' colour.

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