Sunday 30 December 2012

Birthday, Christmas and hauling

Ok rubbish title I know, but I'm ill and can't think properly so thats the best I've got - I'm sorry!

But anyway, the 18th was my birthday and the Sunday before I had a party. A massive thank you to everyone that came, you made it even more magical! And with birthdays come presents, aha...! I got some amazing things and I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you again to everyone who got a gift <3 Some of those things included makeup (and some colour changing nail polishes!!), jewellery, money and gift vouchers and my parents got me the new camera I wanted!!
Hopefully by the new year I will have gotten pretty used to it and so I'll start using that one to take blog photos instead to the old one I'm currently using,...

On my actual birthday, my aunt took me out to dinner with her two daughters, they are so cute and adorable! Aha I just love babies and young children!

After that, school finished for Christmas and so that Friday I met up with my best friend from primary school. It was the first time I'd seen her in like 3 years and yet it was like we had never been apart!

On Saturday me and my mum went up north to visit my grandparents and cousins and stayed until yesterday. Obviously every time I go to stay it means one thing - shopping!! I went nearly every day but I don't know, I didn't really buy much (well what I call much anyway, haha) Of course I got nail polish and this is what i accumulated:
3 for 2 offer and when you buy any three the gold one comes free- so I basically got the middle two free!
My first ever Topshop and Jessica polishes
I FINALLY own striping tape!

Okay, so I went a bit Sallys mad... Oops! Well it was all so cheap!
Reduced O.P.I's!
More reduced O.P.I's!
Even more reduced O.P.I's!
Also, with my some of my birthday money I bought myself a tablet! Its only been a few days since I opened it and im already addicted to it!!

Then came Christmas... To be honest this year it really did not feel like Christmas.  I don't really know why.. Maybe it was because I was ill? Whatever the reason it wasn't as much of a hoohaa as it has been in previous years. Even the sales were a bit of a let down! Me and my mum went on boxing day all prepared for the manic craziness and there really wasn't any! It wasn't that busy and not many shops had stacks and stacks of sale items like they used to...

And now the New Year is almost here, where has the year gone..?!?

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