Monday 31 December 2012


Wow, so 2012 is OVER! That went faaar to quickly.

2012 has been a year of incredible highs and hideous lows. I feel like I've done so much growing up this year and learnt a lot, both about myself and the people around me.

Some key events in 2012 for me were:
  •  Sitting my first GCSE exams. I have so far done 5 this year
  •  Being appointed CEO for my team in NTYE
  •  Performing at Trafalgar Square as part of Big Dance with over 1000 other dancers
  •  Being part of my grandparents surprise 50th anniversary party
  •  Performing in the Olympic Torch Relay, dancing through Croydon
  •  Being accepted into the Cambridge University GEEMA programme
  •  Raising over £140 for The British Skin Foundation by doing a sponsored swim of 1500 meters
  •  Realizing there are people out there who do care, especially certain teachers that have helped me a lot this year.
  •  Completing two weeks of work experience
  •  Starting up this blog. Even though it doesn't really feel like it, it has come on a LOT since it began
  •  Turning 16!

Those were pretty high moments for me but I've also been through some tough things such as:
  •  Losing a lot of people close to me 
  •  Being told that I can't go abroad anymore unless my 'condition' improves
  •  Having some really low moments, some that pulled me to rock bottom
  •  My health getting worse and my doctors not giving a shit about it
  •  Realizing that people are willing to lie and spread rumors about me just because i have an 'illness'
  • There are many more but I'm not going to bore you with it all...

Hopefully 2013 is full of more highs than lows and hopefully less of a struggle!

Oh and by the way... 900+ pageviews in December!!! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that! I guess its because I still consider myself to be a bit of a nobody in the blogging world, haha.

While I'm talking about the blog, there are a few things I want to do in 2013:

  • Have more varied post and not make this a 100% nail blog
  • Host a GIVEAWAY!! I've been meaning to set one up since the start of December but just never got round to it!
  • Have a more consistent flow of posts
  • Reach 100 followers?
  • If my blog *does* become a bit of a success perhaps get my own domain and Facebook page?

Happy new year everybody!!
Hello 2013!


  1. HNY Diva! I probably waved at you during the torch relay in Croydon!

    1. Happy new year to you too Claire! Haha thats so cool, I may have already seen a fellow blogger!


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