Friday 31 October 2014

My Picks | Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I'm never really do anything special for Halloween but I do like to enjoy a few of the goodies released :) The shops seem to be full of themed bits and bobs, and while some of them are pretty cool, most of them are just for fun. Here are a few things I picked out:

Okay so none of these were released this season but they seemed particularly festive.
NYC Rock Muse Smokey Top Coat - Green Day: A beautiful blackened jelly with different sizes of green glitter suspended in it
China Glaze Howl You Doin': A purple based polish packed full of violet and orange glitters
Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Urban Vibe: Actually a topcoat, with various shapes and sizes of black and orange matte glitter


LUSH Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar: Halloween wouldn't be complete without a pumpkin! And this cute offering from Lush is just perfect for cosy night in. The glitter covered pumpkin turns the bath water a bright sparkly orange and full of bubbles when crumbled under running water. It smells absolutely divine!

And there has to be candles!
Yankee Candle Wax Tart - Candy Corn, Witches' Brew, Ghostly Treats: These were the three scents released for Halloween this year. Candy Corn smells like vanilla based sweets, Witches Brew is more spicy and sort of like liquorice and Ghostly Treats just reminds me of marshmallows!
Waitrose Ghost Candle: This was just too cute to pass up!
Yankee Candle Halloween Votive Holder: I spotted this reduced in Debenhams to £1.80 so I thought why not? Haha ;)

I've already had a lovely soak in the bath, lit the candles and now I'm just waiting for the trick or treater's :P

What are you doing for Halloween? 
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