Wednesday 5 November 2014

Review | LUSH Sparkler Bath Bomb

Lush Sparkler - The perfect treat for bonfire night!

Described as "Fireworks night, every night", this was the one from all the latest releases I thought would be especially suited to bonfire night, and I wasn't wrong! 

I'll be honest, the overall appearance wasn't that exciting. It was a simple long thin yellow cylinder shape with a red-ish core and gold sparkles. But as they say, looks aren't everything. When dropped into water it starts fizzing away into a thick bubbly layer of yellowy gold foam. As the layers fizz away the red core begins to produce some pretty swirls in the water and the gold sparkle pours out and fills the bath with a gorgeous shimmer. After a few minutes, as the central core is fizzing away, you can begin to hear the popping candy crackle and pop away. It's a slow burner but well worth it! Like your own mini fireworks display in your bathtub!

The scent is the same as their famous 'Rose Jam' fragrance, a sweet floral scent with a hint of citrus that kind of reminds me of Turkish delight! It's pretty heady when it's in bar form but once it has dissolved it is definitely much more subtler. 

Like everything I've tried from Lush, it was a delightfully relaxing experience and left my skin beautifully soft and moisturised. The gold sparkle stayed on my skin after getting out of the bath and actually doesn't seem to want to budge! The scent lingered on my skin too, which was nice.

Sparkler costs £3.50 each, but the size alone makes it worth the price. I managed to split it into two and still had a lovely bubbly bath with one half. If you wanted to be extra frugal, splitting it into three would probably also work.

I'm off to bed to watch the fireworks outside now. What are you doing for bonfire night?
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