Sunday 30 June 2013

This Month I'm Loving... Patterns!

Okay strange thing to love, and I don't even mean patterns as in prints. No, I mean dressmaking patterns!

Why I hear you ask?

Well those of you who know me will know that I LOVED Textiles as a subject at school and just because I've finished school doesn't mean that my love has disappeared. Oh no, it still as strong as ever, if not stronger! And now that I've got this lovely long summer ahead of me I want to finally start sewing again! 

So, first things first I had to get me some patterns! I went to this AMAZING sewing shop in Tooting called 
Wimbledon Sewing Machine Co Ltd that my Textiles Teacher recommended, and I may have gone a little overboard:

But I have promised myself that I WILL use all of them before I buy anymore.

And I've made a little logo that I'm going to sew into the garments, just because I want to add a little personal touch too.

I'm also planning on gifting some of them to my friends and family, so if any of you are reading this, you never know, you might just get a nice surprise soon!

Another reason for writing this post is because I'm starting a new feature here on this blog called "Dressmaking Diaries" which will just basically be an account of my latest sewing project. I'm still not too sure yet if I'll post regularly during each project or only once I have completed it but either way, keep your eyes peeled for that! Here's a little graphic I created for it:
Anyway, I'm off to start my new sewing project!

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  1. I loved textiles at school as well! If only I had the time to seriously make some of my own clothes or something! *sigh* Looking forward to the Dressmaking Diaries though!


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