Wednesday 27 March 2013

Nail Art Hauling

So you all probably know that I like nail art right? Well, its true I do. But I realised that all the nail art I do is generally painted or stamped! So I thought I should invest in some 'other' things to use for nail art and this is what I ended up with:

Some nail art glitter:
 Some nail art studs and gems:
Some nail art brushes:
And some more stamping plates:

And here's a quick look I created using some gold square studs:
I used Barry M Black Multi Glitter as a base, which in the bottle is a black creme with loads of scattered holo glitter, but on the nail it just looks like a black creme. I then just added a layer of topcoat and placed the studs on. Easy!

I bought all the NPW stuff from River Island/Topshop/New Look and the GALS stamping plates from Amazon.


  1. Love the studs. will defo go and buy some!

    1. Ah thanks! And yeah, they're definitely worth the price!


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