Monday 11 March 2013

Kiko 645 Burgundy

Texture polish is EVERYWHERE right now. And although O.P.I. started the trend, I wasn't hugely blown away by them. And the new Barry M's didn't impress me at all so I started to think textured nails couldn't look all that good. But after popping into the Kiko store and spying there new Sugar Mat polishes I snapped some up right away!
And the first one I've worn is Kiko 645. I wore it on my nails on Saturday for a fashion show I was in with my friends from my old dance class.
And ahhh I love it! Its basically a pinky toned burgundy coloured polish with gorgeous duochrome sparkles that dries to a textured matte finish.
This is two thin coats and application is actually really good for what is basically a really dense glitter polish. It dried fully within 10 minutes and removal was actually surprisingly easy!
I didn't try it with topcoat but if it looks like what it looks like when its wet then I think that'll look gorgeous too.

And here's a quick collage of some photos from the fashion show :)


  1. Look's really textured! Might have to give this a go since Barry M ones are weak in texture! Great swatch x


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