Wednesday 12 March 2014

I'm Back!

Hello there!

I know, I know. I disappeared again. I didn't mean to, honest! It was all because I had to say bye-bye to my laptop while it go fixed. But, I've just go it back! YAY

It was SO difficult  to function normally without it, I felt like I was missing a leg or something! Haha, I'm totally not addicted or anything ;P

Also, during that time a lot happened in my personal life. Many things changed and I had to make some pretty huge decisions, but I feel they are ultimately for the best. :) They included leaving, moving and re-starting.

During all that, I didn't have much time to do some of the things I loved to do. But things have begun to settle down a little (actually everything's still pretty hectic but definitely more organized at least) and I can finally get back to my passions!

And I can't wait to resume blogging again! I've got so many ideas for posts and stuff. Hopefully I can get myself sorted over the next few days or so and then regular posting can commence.
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