Wednesday 30 October 2013

Pink Glitter Gradient for Breast Cancer Campaign

As it is almost the end of October, I thought I'd do one last post for  Breast Cancer Campaign, in support of their Wear It Pink day. So here is a pink glitter gradient mani.
I started with a plain white base, then while it was still wet, sprinkled some very fine hot pink glitter at the base of my nails and blew it towards the tips to create a gradient effect. I then painted over it all with Revlon Sparkling and dabbed a little extra at the base to make it a bit more denser. Fairly easy to do!

I wanted to make my nails more pink than white and to use glitter so it would represent the fact that there is hope and with more research, more lives will be saved. Which also happens to be one of the main things Breast Cancer Campaign are working for.

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