Monday 2 September 2013

Crazy Color - Violette

You may have noticed that my hair looked a bit different in the last four posts compared to when I told you I dyed the ends of my hair purple here. Well basically after just three washes, ALL of that colour had gone. That wasn't really an issue for me since I was getting my hair cut a lot shorter, but if I wasn't I would be giving that dye a big thumbs down! But anyway here is the post explaining what's changed.

So, after my haircut last week, I realised I still wanted funky coloured ends. So I went and bleached a smaller section at the bottom again and repeated the whole process.

This time however, I used a different dye. I used Crazy Color Violette, which is described as an "Electric Purple". After using it, I would say it is actually more of a blue than a violet. Actually I would say it is blue (you'll see why I say that further down). Keep that in mind if you are thinking about trying it.
I bleached about 4 inches and then I applied colour to about 6 inches. I did this so that it would look a bit more gradiented, rather than a stark block of colour at the bottom. Again, like last time, I roughly straightened my hair at each step to ensure a level spread of colour. The consistency was that of the thick cream but it applied easily and spread well. No issues there.
I left it in for about 45 minutes, longer than your supposed to, I know. But I'm glad I did because the strand I washed out at 30 minutes was SO much lighter than the rest. This is the result two says after I washed it for the first time:
I really like it! Definitely going to be keeping colourful ends for a while! When this washes out, what colour do you think I should go for next?
Yes I got lazy with the straightening :P

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